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Connect with your breath to connect with your inner senses. It is via the mind-body connection that you can listen to your heart, and understand what it is you most need at any moment.


Patanjali defined yoga as the cessation of the fluctuations of the conscious mind. Only when our minds are still, can we think clearly, and choose wisely. We require stillness to find our truth - the surface of the lake has to be perfectly calm to reflect the mountain.

Practice and all is coming

Practice patience and compassion, and slowly these emotions will replace anger and annoyance. Acknowledge this rage, and slowly, we will be able to release it and refocus our energy instead on what is truly important to us.

    A sanctuary in the sky,
    The Yoga School is a boutique yoga studio in Singapore.
    Come learn about all aspects of yoga, and nurture your
    body, mind and spirit with us!

    All our yoga and Pilates classes emphasise breath, movement and alignment.

    for 10 classes
    a month (six-month commitment with OCBC credit cards)
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    A lot of heart went into the creation of our space on the 39th floor of OCBC Centre. Initially designed by local practice Brewin Design Office, with a second space by award-winning Peter Tay Studio, our yoga studio is a serene space for you to explore your yoga practice with yoga props from Manduka. Our deliciously fluffy towels are by Ploh and our toiletries are by Aromatherapy Associates.


    We believe yoga is one tool that helps us find a moment of calm in a hectic day. This moment of clarity has a ripple effect, that slowly transcends into other moments, enabling us to find balance in even the most of stressful situations.  Gradually, we learn to breathe through our challenges, and see the improvements we can make.