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9 Ways To Spring-clean Your Smartphone

By The Yoga School / January 7, 2019

Begin the New Year afresh with a digital declutter, starting with your smart phone

The start of the year has a magical way of inspiring us to let go of the things that no longer serve us, as we find renewed strength and fresh hope in new beginnings, and look forward to exploring pursuits that feed our hearts, minds, and souls. And as you declutter and reorganise your home, why not give your smartphone a quick spruce up too? Here’s how:

#1 Let go of old messages

Whether they are a string of texts about the now-old Korean drama discussion with your bestie, or forgotten group chats about where to head for lunch with ex-colleagues, it’s time to dump those messages if you haven’t read them in 30 days. If there’re any interesting snippets, copy and paste them into your Notes app. In addition to taking up precious space in your phone, they’re a source of time and energy wastage when you have to reread them while searching for specific messages.

#2 Delete unwanted files

The pictures, memes, restaurant menus, and work documents that you downloaded throughout the year have been quietly taking up space in your phone and slowing down its processing speed. If you haven’t looked for a file in the last half a year, chances are you don’t need it or have forgotten about it – either ways, it means you probably won’t miss it. Press delete!

#3 Toss out unused apps and pick multi-purpose ones

It is very likely that there are apps on your phone that you no longer use. They might even be apps that you had wanted to try at one point, and were downloaded but forgotten. Get rid of them. Don’t keep unused apps thinking you can use them in the future – you’ll be better off downloading more updated apps if and when that time comes.

Here’s a tip: rather than get separate productivity apps for to-do lists, documents, reminders and so on, look for multi-purpose apps that do several tasks. Evernote is a great example of a productivity app lets you create, sync, tag, and organise all kinds of notes such as text, voice memos, pictures, and more (the paid version will also provide you with business tools and collaborative features, such as sharing a notebook with your associates).

#4 Delete duplicate files

You can either manually delete duplicated files or download an app such as Duplicate Files Fixer, suitable for iOS and Android users, to help save time and effort. Before you begin, always remember to back up your files as a safety net.

#5 Clean up your contact list

Delete anyone you don’t remember, and merge contacts when you have more than one entry recorded for the same person.

#6 Group apps into folders

This may not free up space in your phone, but it’ll certainly help you to declutter your head space. Organising apps into folders effectively allows you to visually see the number of similar apps you have downloaded Decide what’s worth keeping and get rid of the rest. Some folder categories you can start with include Messages, Photos, Shopping, Email, Travel, and Default.

#7 Stream music

Why clog up your phone with MP3 files when you can stream music? You can find almost any music genre on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Soundcloud, plus, you can access your favourite albums or playlists whenever you please!

#8 Turn off useless push notifications

It gets quite annoying (and not to mention, disruptive) when your phone repeatedly buzzes and you pick it up, only to realise that it’s a notification about a shopping promo – from a store that you no longer even patronise. Do yourself a favour and switch off those pointless notifications.

#9 Remove bookmarks

How many web browsers are you using on your smart phone? Depending on the brand you’re using, you might have two or more web browsers running at any one time. You probably also have various bookmarked webpages that were helpful to you once upon a time – but are now redundant. If you’ve not needed to revisit those website lately, it’s probably time to remove them.


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