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An Introduction to Spinal Flow

By The Yoga School / September 8, 2020


An Introduction to Spinal Flow

A workshop to improve your spinal mobility by Alyssa Lee



10AM TO 12PM



Harness the techniques of accessible spinal movements for internal health, external energy and a pain free back.

Integrating traditional Hatha Yoga with a deep understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, the Yoga Synergy method was developed by yoga practitioners and physiotherapists Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss. This method facilitates a tremendous release of tension in the back and significantly increases energy levels, improves functional core strength, reduces stress, and improves the health of one’s internal organs.

The session includes an introduction to the principles and benefits of the Yoga Synergy method, followed by an hour-long Spinal Flow sequence aimed at increasing circulation, building internal body heat and cultivating one’s “qi” for an immunity boost.

The workshop concludes with a guided meditation and an extended deep relaxation to allow your body to rest fully and restore holistically.

All are welcome!

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