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Artistry of Asana with Rocky Heron (June 2017)

By The Yoga School / May 4, 2017


Join international master yoga teacher, Rocky Heron, on his first visit to Singapore for an exhilarating weekend to deepen your yoga practice and be inspired through five independent sessions from June 16th to 18th, 2017. 

A workshop for teachers on Friday afternoon, and 4 independent sessions for anyone looking to learn more about yoga between Friday and Sunday!


Workshop Schedule

Friday Afternoon
Teacher session:

2:30PM to 5:30PM (3 Hours)

Vinyasa Lab: Form, Function, and Flow

Join master teacher Rocky Heron for a rich and informative afternoon of study exploring the art of teaching vinyasa yoga. You do not need to compromise biomechanics or progressive logical sequencing for creativity in vinyasa. These features work together in harmony, as Rocky will adeptly demonstrate. Throughout this training, we focus on pranayama and the effective use of breath as your primary source of support. We learn to craft intelligent, effective, creative sequences as we study form, foundation, and precision. We will dissect and analyze vinyasa techniques and strategies suitable for every level of student.

Topics covered include:

· Pranayama and Bandha
· Crafting Intelligent, Effective & Creative Vinyasa Sequences
· Weaving Form, Foundation in Precision into the Flow
· Teaching Transitions
· Learning New & Healthy Biomechanical Approaches to Vinyasa
· Pacing & Pulse: the Dance of Holding & Flowing
· Sustainable Sequencing
· Beginner Strategies
· Intermediate Strategies
· Considering how to Develop Advanced Sequences

Friday Night
Step Into the Flow:

7PM to 9PM (2 Hours)

In this playful and informative vinyasa practice you will stoke your inner fire, wring yourself out, move your energy, and purify your system. Expect potent, breath-based movement, sun salutations, arm balances, standing pose repetitions, and backbends, all inked together with creative and accessible transitional strategies. Be prepared to sweat, strengthen and play!

Saturday Morning
The Art of Flying:

10AM to 12:30PM (2.5 Hours)

The session will focus upon the deconstruction of difficult hand balancing poses and inversions to make them approachable for all levels. Every “tricky” pose is made up of other, more accessible poses, many of which you are likely already familiar with. Through exploration of shoulder and core mechanics, as well as careful consideration and the layering of specific poses and actions, you will learn the necessary skills to launch into graceful power and success around these asanas. All levels welcome.

Saturday Afternoon
Inner Worlds:
2:30PM to 5PM (2.5 Hours)

In this quiet, contemplative practice, we will dive into inner depths while practicing forward bends, hip openers and twists, pranayama and meditation. In this deep exploration of hip openers and seated asanas, you will cultivate the seeds of unfolding and nurture them through the potency of mindful, skillful practice. Ground yourself and facilitate alignment with the source of your bliss, love, and inner sweetness.

Sunday Morning
Bend, Don’t Break:

10AM to 12:30PM (2.5 Hours)

This workshop will build upon the pose work of previous sessions, and launch into a progressive sequence toward back bends. We will dive deeply into our bodies, minds and hearts to seek the progress of expansion and truth in limitation. Rocky will provide pose stages, prop work and modifications for all levels. Come ready to learn more about your body, work steadily, and invigorate the potent energy of your heart.

About Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is the Founder of Yoga with Rocky and YOGAMAZÉ Emissary, and a world-traveling yoga teacher. He currently resides and teaches in San Francisco and travels regularly for retreats and workshops throughout the world. Known for his uncanny wisdom and skillful instruction, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style and philosophies, and a constantly unfolding discovery of leading edge anatomical awareness and body mechanics.


SGD 99 for single session

SGD 380 for all five sessions

Enjoy 10% off for bookings before 1st June 2017,


20% off if you have an existing 10-session package with The Yoga School at time of purchase.


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