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Boost Your Confidence – Right Now

By The Yoga School / December 24, 2018

Power past insecurities and self-doubts with these simple shortcuts

Self-confidence can give you the wings you need to soar over tricky situations and perform at your peak. The first step to transforming your body image begins by treating yourself with utmost respect and kindness, but when you need a jolt of self-assurance, give yourself an edge with these tried and tested tips:

Practice positive affirmations

Find a part of your body that you like, for instance, your strong, shapely thighs, and tell yourself, “I love my curves” – put a post-it on the fridge, or input it as a “welcome” screen on your mobile phone. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and repeat it like a mantra to yourself daily. Once you feel the positive vibrations of self-love, try to stay in that space throughout the day.

Flash those pearly whites

Smiling releases endorphins, which bring about a feeling of euphoria and well-being. According to a study by researchers at the Association for Psychological Science, smiling can help to reduce the feelings of stress, paving the way for happier vibes. Try smiling at strangers too, it’s an instant confidence booster when they return the smile.

Strike a power pose

Good posture is like preventative medicine. Stand up straight and walk with your head held high – the better you carry yourself, the more body confident you’ll feel. The way you carry yourself can change your mood and affect how you perceive yourself, say researchers. This influences how you’re portrayed to the people around you, as well as how attractive you appear to them. According to Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School, poses are so powerful that by assuming an expansive pose (think classic Wonder Woman stance with her legs planted firmly apart) for two minutes, you can increase testosterone levels and lower cortisol in your bloodstream. In fact, the effects of such a power pose is so strong that hormonal changes in the body can last for up to 20 minutes!

Be kind to yourself

Let go of any “checking” behaviour, including accessing your faults in the mirror, grabbing handfuls of stomach, or pinching your thighs. The more you do this, the more attention you’re giving the (sometimes non-existent) issue. Recognise that you’re not “perfect” – no one is! But imperfections are exactly what make us unique and perfectly human so embrace your (perceived) flaws, excuse those “bad hair days”, and lose those body hang-ups!

Reconnect with your body

You’ll be amazed at how incredible it really is. Try practicing yoga – the gentle stretches will relax and centre you. Be aware of your breathing and how your entire being feels, immerse in the moment and love your body for what it can do.


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