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CONVERSATIONS AT THE SANCTUARY: Discover the Healing Powers of Reiki

By The Yoga School / July 1, 2020

This gentle energy healing modality helps to restore health and well-being, says Reiki Master Yng Wang. 

According to a UCLA study, over 800 hospitals in the United States have adopted Reiki as a complementary therapy to alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process for their patients. Such leading institutes include the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and the Yale Cancer Center.

Reiki, which translates from Japanese into English as “universal life-force energy”, is a natural healing method that channels energy through a practitioner’s hands to restore a sense of health and well-being. It dates back over a hundred years ago and is thought to have been popularised by Japanese-born Buddhist Mikao Usui who had a keen interest in healing. Proponents of the practice believe that the energy channelled from this universal life-force works together with the natural intelligence of the human mind and body to increase one’s well-being both physically and emotionally. 

Reiki Master Yng Wang, who was initially sceptical about the healing modality, shed her doubts when she experienced the benefits it brought to her life. “In 2011, I was in a bad space and was perhaps suffering from mild depression. I decided it was time to seek help but I didn’t want to rely on medication. The interesting thing is that Reiki popped into my mind out of nowhere, so I started to look for people who were offering Reiki in Singapore,” shares Yng, who eventually found Elaine Grundy, a Reiki Master who had been teaching Reiki for over two decades.

After attending Elaine’s workshop for beginners, Yng developed a proper understanding of what Reiki was and what it could do for her. “After the workshop, I slept really well that night. This was unusual for me as I’m a very light sleeper and have had insomnia since my teens. However, I started to do Reiki on myself every night and enjoyed the best week of sleep I had in a very long time,” shares Yng, who decided to develop her Reiki practice after feeling the tangible benefits.

A year into her practice, her insomnia disappeared, as did her long-term sinusitis. Physically, she was feeling better than ever. Mentally and emotionally, she was beginning to see shifts too.

As a former television production manager, Yng had to juggle budgets, logistics, and scheduling demands while working against the clock to meet multiple deadlines. It was a stressful job that had her constantly anticipating worst-case scenarios. “Unfortunately, I was quite a pessimistic person to begin with so I never had hope for anything good. However, after discovering Reiki, I became a lot happier. My close friends noticed this and asked me what I did to bring about this change and a few of them were inspired to take up Reiki as well.”

To that end, Yng was able to give the gift of Reiki to her friends through a process known as attunement. “Some people liken attunement to activation but I see it more as a recalibration of your system. All of us have the potential to receive Reiki and the attunement process recalibrates your body’s energy system so that it can do just that. Think of it as a radio channel. If I tell you there is a channel called ‘Reiki’ and ask you to tune yourself to it, you can’t do so as you don’t know its frequency. Through attunement, the Reiki master is able to put that frequency memory into your system,” explains Yng.

When attuned, Reiki practitioners have the ability to heal themselves as well as others. “Reiki is a great tool for pain management. Many practitioners use it to heal bruises and minor cuts. If you have sore muscles, it also helps to speed up muscle recovery. I have students who go for HIIT training and usually need to lie in bed the next day as their muscles are so sore. But with Reiki, they feel a lot better and are able to function properly the following day.”

Yng is however quick to point out that how our bodies react to Reiki will differ from one individual to another. “I often receive enquiries where people ask ‘how many sessions will you take to fix me?’. I tell them that I cannot provide a definite answer because it also depends on how serious their situation is and their willingness to let go of things. It took me about a year to get rid of my insomnia while someone else I know managed to rid his insomnia in a week. Sometimes, it depends on how quickly your body wants to get rid of things as we also have the habit of holding onto things that we no longer need for a much longer time than we should.”

An introductory Reiki workshop for beginners

Curious about Reiki and its benefits? Join Yng via Zoom as she shares more about the practice and her personal experiences with Reiki. During the workshop, participants will also receive a heart attunement which will allow for Reiki to temporarily (depending on the person, this might last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks) flow through your hands. Yng will also guide participants through a short Reiki self-treatment session. All are welcome for this workshop which takes place via Zoom on Friday, 17 July 2020, from 7 pm to 8.30 pm. Reserve your spot here

About Yng Wang

Yng is a highly experienced, grounded, and compassionate Reiki teacher trained by Elaine Grundy at The Reiki Centre, Singapore. Yng completed her Reiki Master training in 2013 and now offers workshops and private sessions to allow more people to experience the benefits of Reiki. Yng came to Reiki as a sceptic, looking for a way to manage her stress levels as a television producer. Reiki helped Yng with her insomnia, sinusitis, and improved her quality of sleep.


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