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Discovering the Hips & Heart in the Dharma Yoga Practice

By The Yoga School / October 10, 2019

A Dharma Yoga Workshop by Pearl Bhasin



10AM TO 12.30PM



Dharma Yoga is a Hatha Raja Yoga taught by Sri Dharma Mittra, based on the precepts of compassion, devotion and receptiveness.  The Dharma sequence is a well-rounded practice, but this workshop will focus on how and why the poses focused on the hips and heart are key in the Dharma Practice. It will include Pranayama (breath work), Nidra (deep rest) and Dhyana (meditation).

The Hips

Our hips are the biggest joint in our body, and is believed to be a storehouse for our emotions. Discover ways to safely explore your hips’ strength and flexibility, and in turn release and relax.

The Heart

The key to opening the heart is a backbend.  But did you know that a strong core is also deeply important? Learn how to safely enter and exit the various signature backbends in the Dharma Practice.


All levels welcome. 

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