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Eat Your Way To Stronger Hair

By The Yoga School / August 12, 2019

Common hair and scalp problems could be a sign that your body is lacking in nutrients. If your tresses have been looking dull and lifeless, fill up on these foods

Did you know that your diet can affect the health of your crowning glory? What you consume can be as important as the type of shampoo, conditioner, or hair masque that you use.

You can’t change factors such as genetics and age, but you have control over your diet. If you want healthy, beautiful hair, nourish your locks from the inside out. Here’s a quick guide to what you can eat for optimal hair health:


If you’re experiencing thinning, hair loss, or stagnant growth, you could be iron deficient. Iron supplies your hair follicles with oxygen and is key to maintaining thick and lustrous hair. Up your intake of iron-rich lean red meat, or choose veggie options that are rich in iron by including lentils and green leafy vegetables.


Copper helps in the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its colour. Copper deficiency is a common cause of premature greying and when your body doesn’t get enough copper, you’ll also find yourself at a higher risk of hair loss as your scalp becomes starved of vital nutrients. Walnuts, mushrooms, and avocados are great sources of copper so add them to your diet regularly to prevent premature greying.


Your scalp needs zinc to produce healthy levels of oil around the hair follicles. Zinc deficiency leaves the scalp dry and flaky so a steady intake of zinc is especially important if you suffer from hair loss and dandruff. Seafood, including oysters, crab and lobster, are rich sources of zinc. You can also top up your intake by supplementing your diet with beef, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds.