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Feeling Stuck in Life? Turn to the Power of Pink Primrose Flower Essence

By The Yoga School / May 1, 2020

Katie Hess, flower alchemist and founder of LOTUSWEI explains how Pink Primrose helps us move through phases of stagnancy and overwhelm, allowing us to experience greater ease and effortlessness

Consider the flower. A miracle of nature and a joy to behold especially when it’s in bloom. These beautiful creations can also impact the state of one’s mind and enhance one’s energies in the form of a flower essence or elixir – a liquid infusion of a flower’s life-force.

When certain tasks begin to feel like a chore or a drain on your energy, the Pink Primrose flower essence can help one to cut through the belief that daily tasks are a struggle. By dissolving resistance and stagnancy, it helps us to prepare for rapid growth and expansion in the personal and professional aspects of our lives; enhance our readiness for big changes; and help us to flow through life with greater ease and effortlessness.

What Pink Primrose reveals about you

If you’re attracted to the Pink Primrose, you may be working towards a big project or a big vision of what’s possible in your future. When this is the case, subconscious fears often arise in the form of subtle resistance, distraction or procrastination. Similarly, when a project begins to feel like “work” and demands a lot of effort, you feel your energy dwindling as you power on. When this happens, you start to feel stuck.

On the other hand, you’ve probably had the experience of working through a deep state of flow, where you can work for hours on end without feeling fatigued, propelled by some force within you that infuses your experience with ease and effortlessness. In this instance, everything flows like a steady river, resistance disappears, and your mind is able to access wild creativity and fresh ideas. You may currently be vacillating between this stage and feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or resistant.

What the Pink Primrose Elixir catalyses

The Pink Primrose flower elixir helps us prepare for rapid growth – often personal growth, but it can also refer to career growth or creative growth. It helps us identify any areas of disharmony in our lives so we can eliminate them or remove bumps in the road that would become bigger obstacles down the line.

Pink Primrose dissolves fear and hesitation while enhancing a sense of readiness for big changes in our lives or work. It also cuts through the belief that daily activities are draining or a chore. It gives us a sense of effortlessness and ease, along with the ability to think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Pink Primrose helps us adjust to major transitions in life, birth new projects, and move us swiftly through phases of feeling stuck, stagnant, or resistant during the creative process. Pink Primrose can also help us prepare for the birth of a baby and all the changes involved with being a new parent.

In Essence

Pink Primrose magnifies: Effortless action; fearless about new ideas, birthing new ideas and projects; thinking outside the box, feeling creative, innovative; fearless readiness and sense of being called to action

Pink Primrose dissolves: Fears, reluctance, hesitancy; perceiving things as a chore; feeling unprepared, caught off guard, stuck or stagnant

Experience the magic of Pink Primrose in LOTUSWEI’s Gamechanger blend as a flower elixir that you can infuse into your coffee, tea or water bottle – or directly in the mouth if you’re on the go – several times each day to experience more ease and effortlessness. You can also mist yourself with an earthy floral blend of aromatherapy and flower essences before your yoga or meditation practice, or even during your day for a luxurious pick-me-up.

Images courtesy of LOTUSWEI

LOTUSWEI’s range of flower elixirs and mists are available at LOTUSWEI and The Yoga School (to purchase them, kindly reach out to The Yoga School at



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