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Find your Balance with Josh Mu

By The Yoga School / September 20, 2017

Join Josh Mu as he comes to Singapore for the first time in October 2017! With a strong background in dance and movement, Josh brings this bodily awareness to his yoga practice and teaching. Come prepared to experience your own body in new and unexpected ways!

~ 1 ~

Partnering to enhance bodily awareness

Friday, 13 October | 7pm to 9pm
With the help of another body, we can better understand our own. We can learn about different anatomical structures, be a witness to what our body can do, bring about a calm sense of focus, switch off or enhance our senses, and even get a massage! Expect to be on and off the mat, have your limbs moved around, and discover new ways of listening and connecting. Once we have awoken the senses, the workshop will conclude with a vinyasa style practise using our newly found kinaesthetic and visceral sensibility. These experiences are an invaluable asset to carry in to our yoga practice.

~ 2 ~

Movement to improve your Yoga practice

Saturday, 14 October | 10:30am to 12:30pm
Investigating the art of moving through space off the mat, we rewire our muscle patterning and proprioception for a more functional and efficient asana practice on the mat. Expect to participate in variety of ways of moving across the studio, enhancing your understanding of what it is like to use all four limbs to travel, as well as a new understanding of core engagement to improve inversions and jump throughs. We will also look at and breakdown common movement patterns used in Yoga, find new ways of achieving mobility and gain new perspectives on how we can use our asana practice in different ways to achieve desired goals.

~ 3 ~

Understanding our anatomy through asana

Saturday, 14 October | 2pm to 4pm
Encouraging our inner curiosity, we explore the mechanical function of the body, unlocking our maximum potential not just for yoga but every day life. In this workshop we act as our own detective. If I do that, then this will happen… We will take a look at common muscle patterning pathways and our skeletal structure to discover what best serves us in our practice. Our bodies have more capability then what we tend to think, there are always new ways of using our body. Let’s try and remove things which don’t serve us and have an even greater sense of ease and efficiency which we can carry on and off the mat.


$88 per session
$138 for two sessions
$188 for three sessions


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