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By The Yoga School / August 1, 2019

Deepen your meditation practice with flower essences. Learn how with flower alchemist and Founder of LOTUSWEI, Katie Hess

Looking to enhance your mindfulness practice? Let’s talk about using flower essences to amp up your experience while in an altered state of mindfulness.

All life on earth has its own unique energy, this includes trees, plants, and flowers, which are constantly vibrating with energy. Flowers are exquisitely beautiful and a potent source of inspiration.

Flowers have a powerful energy, and meditating with them can elevate your spirits and soothe your soul. Well did you know that you can take that to the next level with flower essences, or what’s known as flower elixirs?

A flower elixir is a liquid infusion of a fresh flower that is so gentle that you can drink it!

“It’s a liquid so packed with the ‘chi’ of the flower, that it instantly impacts your state of mind and enhances your energy and radiance. Taken consistently over time, it accelerates personal growth,” explains Katie Hess, Founder of LOTUSWEI and Self-Arising Nature Centre. “Unlike essential oils which are used in aromatherapy, flower elixirs don’t have a scent and they work through our acupuncture meridians. A flower elixir is a liquid infusion of a flower or plant’s life-force, whereas an essential oil is distilled or extracted from the plant into a highly aromatic oil.”

Describing an image of beautiful blooms, Katie adds, “Imagine walking in a field of your favorite flower. Or burying your face in its petals. That feeling that you feel – whether in reality or through visualization – is indicative of the benefits and special qualities of that particular flower. Those qualities can be captured, collected and infused into water, Mother Nature’s greatest recording device. Water, like the shiny substrate on CD’s or the magnetic strip inside cassette tapes, records information. In this case, water can retain the special qualities of a flower.”

A trained flower alchemist, Katie hand-collects her flower elixirs from flowers in the wild, or from special gardens. “Every flower on the planet has a very specific transformative effect on our state of mind, waking up different parts of us and catalyzing insights, self-awareness and wisdom,” she shares. “We infuse these flower essences into a variety of elixirs, aromatherapy mists, oils and other daily use mood boosters, so even though we may live in a mega city and work in an office all day, we can easily bring nature back into our daily lives.”

The flowers must be collected from wild places, where they are not affected by chemicals or people.

Katie goes flower-hunting one to two times annually. Over the years, Katie has stumbled on quite a few rare finds. “In Iceland, we discovered a fluorescent patech of moss in the middle of nowhere, a self-healing flower on the side of a mountain, a wildflower in between a giant waterfall and a hot spring, and a rare orchid near one of Iceland’s largest waterfalls!”


A dedicated meditation practitioner for the last 18 years, Katie has trained with The Dalai Lama, as well as masters from Tibet and other parts of Asia. Her day starts early – she’s up by 4.15am, and has made it a daily routine to kickstart her day with a five-minute meditation. “This is a special, powerful time of day that maximises results, so I’ve made this a daily commitment,” she reveals. “My meditation practice has been utterly life-changing, similar to the effects of flower essences.

“I’ve experienced more spaciousness for my innate wisdom to arise. I feel more peaceful, easy-going, and patient – but this is not the goal, it’s just a lovely side effect!” she says with a grin.

“Over time, I don’t feel as triggered by things that used to affect me. With more clarity and effortless fearlessness, I’m able to see how to transform my weaknesses into my greatest strengths. I’ve more compassion for myself and others, and am better able to sit with the parts of me that are uncomfortable.” With a thoughtful pause, she adds, “I don’t run away from discomfort because I’m better able to accept life as it is, instead of wishing for it to be different. I’ve also learnt to stay in the now, without as much focus on past or future. I’ve stopped trying to control everything, and am happy to dive into the unknown. I now have the courage to face the fact that everything as I know it to be, is always changing, and there isn’t always a safety net.”

Meditation opens us to the possibility that we are far greater and more powerful human beings than we ever knew!

Like everyone else, there are days when she just doesn’t feel like meditating. “When that happens, I remind myself about the results: it’s ultimately the fastest way to dissolve suffering and heart pain,” she says. “It’s also the only way that I can truly help other human beings – when I am clear, calm and wise.”


Understanding the transformative powers of flowers is no easy feat, but as a trained alchemist, Katie is well-placed to harness the power of Mother Earth’s ephemeral creations. LOTUSWEI, the floral apothecary brand she founded, has been praised by the likes of actor, Johnny Depp, and Creative Director of O Magazine, Adam Glassman. She chats with The Yoga School about incorporating flower elixirs into a meditation practice.


KATIE: Flower elixirs open the door; meditation helps you walk through the door. Flower elixirs gently bring your awareness to parts of you that want to evolve; meditation is a method that offers a way to unhook from the small you (mental monkey mind) and reconnect with the big you (your self-arising nature).


KATIE: Flower elixirs, on a more gross level, settle the energies of the body and help quiet the mind. On a more subtle level, flower essences help us with the most important part of meditation practice, which is observing our own habits and patterns. They help us soften into being our own best friend and give us the courage to look directly at what scares us. They help us see our own full potential.


KATIE: Misting yourself, apply an anointing oil to your wrists or putting some flower elixir in your mouth directly before your meditation practice will settle the body, discharge the static and slow the pace of your thoughts. It minimizes distraction and helps you settle into your body.

Additional to prior to your more formal sitting practice, the most powerful results will be if you use flower essences at least five times throughout the day. That way you offer your body and mind more opportunities to find their natural balance, stabilizing your mind so that you can be more mindful and aware throughout the day vs. only on your meditation cushion.


KATIE: In this modern life, we are all so busy! We find it difficult to take time to tune into ourselves, our needs, the stirrings of our own heart. We are so often doing, doing, doing and going, going, going, that we find it hard to sit still, even when we know that meditation can be so beneficial. Women with children or busy careers and women who run businesses find it especially hard to take time away.

Sometimes all we have time for — and all we need to recharge — is a hot bath for 15 minutes. We run the bath, pour in the aromatic salts, step into the hot water and our tension melts away. Being immersed in flower essences helps the body discharge static energies and clarify a distracted, wandering mind. We press play for the audio meditation and we’re guided into mindful awareness or to locate or enhance a particular quality within ourselves.

For maximum results, immerse yourself in flower essence bathwater daily! Next best, weekly. Or, simply do this bathing ritual when you can squeeze it into your schedule! You’ll notice that you feel completely different after the bath, and that will encourage you to do it again when you need it.

Keen to learn more about how flower elixirs can enhance your life? Join Katie Hess on 2 August, 2019, Friday, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at Flowerlounge at The Yoga School ($69 per person, flower elixir-infused sips and snacks will be provided). Surround yourself with fresh flowers in an altar to honor the profound aspects of you, and enjoy multi-sensory experiences, gentle movement practices and a candlelight meditation. Learn about what makes flowers so powerful + what your favorite flower means about you. Connect with other powerful people in interactive group experiences + reconnect with what’s most important to you. Get a personal flower reading + discover what qualities most want to emerge. More details here.