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Go Papayas!

By The Yoga School / December 24, 2018

Three daily portions of this superfruit is all you need to supercharge your health

Papayas provide a great source of dietary fibre, folate and potassium. They also contain large doses of vitamins A, C and E, with anti-oxidant properties that help to strengthen your immune system and increase your body’s resistance against diseases. Including them in your diet is easy – eat them as a mid-day snack or add them into your breakfast cereal.  As the new saying goes – a papaya a day keeps the doctor away!

Enhances wound-healing

Papaya skin or papaya pulp from the juicier is a superb external treatment for wounds. This fruit contains several unique protein-digesting enzymes such as papain and chymopapain, both of which are known to help lower inflammation, alleviate pain caused by sports injuries, and improve healing from burns. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the anti-oxidant nutrients found in papaya can also help to relieve the severity of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Helps with digestion

Suffering from digestive problems? Eating papaya after a meal promotes digestion and helps prevent bloating, gas production, and indigestion. Regular consumption of papaya also promotes intestinal cleansing and aids in constipation.


Protects your peepers

Packed with carotenoids, papayas can help to protect your eyes from age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) with sufficient intake. A study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that the consumption of three or more daily servings of papaya, lowers the risk of this vision-destroying disease (the primary cause of vision loss in older adults) by a whopping 36 per cent, as compared to people who eat less than one and a half servings of the fruit daily. If you enjoy juicing, try blending fresh papaya with ice and milk for a refreshing late-afternoon perk-me-up!


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