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Gokul Yoga Bandhas 101

By The Yoga School / March 25, 2020


Gokul Yoga Bandhas 101

A Gokul Yoga Workshop by Pearl Bhasin



10AM TO 12PM



Delve deeper into the concept and precepts of Gokul Yoga. Harnessing the 3 faculties of the Mind: Thinking (Cintayanti), Feeling (Bhava), and Willing (Vasana), the Gokul Yoga practice employs the work of Bandhas to create a deeper awareness of Asana (Posture) practice.

Learn what the different bandhas are, and how these energetical locks are created by willing the flow of energy in specific directions (vrttayah) within our bodies. Thus, helping to refine one’s awareness of the deeper layer of our being, thereby, reach the centre and finding the true aim of Yoga: Self-realization.


All levels are welcome!


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