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Introducing Reiki by Yng Wang

By The Yoga School / October 18, 2018

Want to learn about reiki and help our furry friends at Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre at the same time?

This special session, in aid of Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre, is for beginners and anyone who would like to learn more about reiki, and who would like to experience this healing energy in your hands. This talk is for anyone curious about reiki and its many benefits.

All proceeds will go to Acres Wildlife Rescue Centre!

Donation: $18

About Yng Wang

Yng is a highly-experienced, grounded and compassionate reiki teacher trained by Elaine Grundy at The Reiki Centre, Singapore.

Yng came to reiki as a sceptic, looking for a way to manage her stress levels as a media/TV producer. Reiki helped Yng with her insomnia, sinusitis and improved her quality of sleep.

Yng completed her Reiki Master training in 2013, and now offers workshops and private sessions so more people can experience the benefits of reiki.