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Is Your Office Lifestyle Harming Your Health?

By The Yoga School / May 27, 2019

If your workday habits have made you sedentary, they could literally tip the scale and lead to some serious health damage. Here are some potential factors, and how to steer clear of their consequences

Are you guilty of reaching out to open your snack drawer when the 4pm food cravings hit? Or are you in the habit of checking emails while eating? If you do, you might want to stop the scrolling and focus on your lunch while eating. According to research from Bristol University, surfing the net while mindlessly eating, makes you forget how much you’ve actually consumed, making it more likely for you to reach for that box of doughnuts later.

In another study conducted by the University of Montreal, numbers revealed that office workers have become significantly less active over the last three decades, thereby partially contributing to the rise in obesity.

If your desk-bound job seems to be padding on more than just your wallet, consider these little lifestyle changes:


Integrate sports, work, and transportation by walking at break time and taking the stairs instead of using the lifts. And if you’re feeling sleepy, opt for a little exercise instead of consuming caffeinated or sugary drinks! Climb a flight of stairs or go for a quick stroll – studies show that just 10 minutes of exercise can provide a mental boost. Alternatively, taking short two-minute walks every hour also has benefits – a study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology has found that doing so can offset the effects of too much sitting.


If you habitually eat at your desk, you may have more trouble turning down that teatime curry puff than your colleagues who lunch out. Research shows that workers who go out for lunch not only eat less, but feel fuller and snack half as much as those who eat at their desk. If you really can’t head out, leave your desk and eat at the pantry.


If you’re one of the fortunate ones who work near a yoga studio, incorporate exercise as part of your routine. Celeste Yeo, an Associate who works in OCBC Centre, loves how the proximity to The Yoga School makes it a breeze for her to practice yoga more regularly. “I was looking for a place where I could exercise and relax, and The Yoga School seemed like the perfect fit,” Celeste shares. “It is located in the same building where I work – right at the top on the 39th floor where the view is amazing! I attend a variety of classes such as Flow, Build, and Restore. I now practice yoga there three to four times a week.”

Yoga classes are wonderful for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The Yoga School offers a variety of yoga styles and healing therapies, come try them for yourself and discover what works best for you.

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