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Low in Vitality? Jade Succulents Can Help to Revitalise and Invigorate You

By The Yoga School / July 1, 2020

The plant’s flower recharges our vital energy, gives us courage, and enhances our presence in the world.

Beautiful Jade Succulents might be common, but flower alchemist and LOTUSWEI founder Katie Hess had never seen one bloom until she discovered them in a garden in Los Angeles, California. As she observed the plant, she saw luscious green leaves tinged bright orange from the sun and flowers that resembled exploding pinkish-white stars. In Hollywood where everyone is a star, the flower seemed right at home.

If you are feeling reserved or hesitant about a particular issue, Jade Succulents help to bring it to the surface. It expands your chi (vital energy) and helps you to express yourself more powerfully. You’ll begin to notice the power of this flower when more people start to support your ideas and talents.

What Jade Succulents reveal about you

If you’re attracted to the Jade Succulent flower, there is something inside you that wants to emerge. This might manifest in various forms – be it shyness, the tendency to withhold information, or hesitating about bringing forward a talent. You may have a business idea or a secret hobby that no one knows about. Similarly, you might feel unsure about whether you have what it takes to execute your ideas.

At times, you may feel invisible, as if you’re standing in a roomful of people where no one sees you. While you wish to make a greater impact, you feel wary about being the centre of attention. On a physical aspect, you may also feel fatigued, weak, or generally low in vitality.

What Jade Succulents catalyse

Just as the plant propagates quickly and easily, Jade Succulents offer us a flood of energy and vitality. It recharges our chi and enhances our poise so that when we walk into a room, we make a strong impression on others with our mere presence.

Jade Succulent flowers also bring whatever we are shy about to the surface. If there’s something inside us wishing to be recognised and acted upon, Jade Succulents eliminate hesitation and infuse us with a refreshing intensity.

It also ignites the stamina and strength required for us to act on our inclinations, along with the requisite clarity when it comes to execution. By cutting through our apathy and stimulating a sense of urgency, Jade Succulents invigorate us with the drive to take the necessary leap towards achieving our goals.

In essence

Jade Succulents magnify:

Vitality, presence, strength, clarity, and expansion of chi energy.

Jade Succulents dissolve:

Feelings of invisibility, ambivalence about what you want, hesitation, and shyness.

Experience the magic of Jade Succulents in the LOTUSWEI Radiant Energy blend as a flower elixir that you can infuse into your coffee, tea or water bottle – or directly in the mouth if you’re on the go – several times each day to experience more ease and effortlessness. You can also mist yourself with this vibrant woody blend of aromatherapy and flower essences before your yoga or meditation practice, or during your day for a luxurious pick-me-up.

Images courtesy of LOTUSWEI


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