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Discover your Hidden Power with Rie Komiya

By The Yoga School / October 11, 2017

This two-hour session begins with Kundalini Yoga, which involves series of exercises designed for purification, known as kriyas, followed by a short meditation, ending with the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls.

This unique combination of yoga, meditation and sound healing will release tension from your body and mind, and integrate the effects on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Come with an open mind, and leave feeling refreshed, lighter, and back in balance!

Date and Time
Saturday, 11th November 2017
10am to 12pm

$38 per session ($40.20 with Eventbrite and PayPal fees)

If you have an existing package with The Yoga School, you can use one of your 10 sessions for this special two-hour class.

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