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Light That Creative Spark

By The Yoga School / December 17, 2018

In need of inspiration? Take a shot at these clever tips to help kick-start the thinking process and get those creative juices flowing

· Become A Leftie

Switch hands! Try doing simple activities like combing your hair or brushing your teeth with your non-dominant (right) hand (vice versa if your dominant hand is the left one). This forces your brain to pick up a new skill and stimulates it in ways it is not accustomed to.

· Do A “Brain Dump”

Grab a piece of paper and jot down anything and everything that comes to your mind without caring about grammatical mistakes or spelling errors. Then take a short break and rest. When your mind feels clearer and more refreshed, you’ll be better able to make sense of your thoughts.

· Try The “Six Thinking Hats” Technique

Founded by Dr Edward de Bono, this process teaches parallel thinking and guides your thought processes in one direction at a time to effectively analyse issues and generate new ideas. For instance, if you find yourself stuck in a rut, the technique teaches you to put on your green “creativity hat” and open your mind up to endless alternatives and possibilities. Visit www.debonotraining.com for more details.

· Listen To Classical Music

Researchers have found that classical pieces have frequencies known as binaural beats that have a positive effect on your brain’s performance and creativity. So if you have to come up with a new plan or marketing strategy, sit back, plug in your earphones, and let Mozart be your brainstorming partner. 

· Practice Yoga Daily

Yoga offers the tools for alignment of the body, breath, and mind, allowing us to tap into our creative energy within. Pranayama, which refers to the regulation of the breath, is a vital component of yoga through which we learn how to calm the mind and body. Research on the effects of deep-breathing exercises shows that meditation increases our Alpha brain waves (these are the same brain waves associated with higher levels of creativity and lower levels of stress). When we encourage our breath to flow, artistic motivation follows naturally.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s keen to try Dharma Yoga and incorporate meditation into your practice, or an experienced practitioner looking to refine the alignment of your asanas with Iyengar Yoga, you’ll find the classes at The Yoga School to be a sanctuary for personal growth, grounding, and a deeper connection to the self. A lovingly curated selection of yoga styles are offered at The Yoga School, and all classes include a three to five minute breath meditation, with emphasis on breath, movement and alignment. Find out more here.