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Let go and let flow with the Mandevilla flower

By The Yoga School / November 1, 2020

This vibrant pink flower inspires us to be profoundly at peace with the way things are.

The Mandevilla flower blooms in pink, red, white, and yellow varieties and loves warmer climates. The flowers on the vine start out as oversized pink buds that are tightly curled into a spiral pattern. Native to Central and South America, this showy flower vine can be trained to grow up a trellis or garden wall by using twist ties to guide the vines where you want them to grow, either horizontally or vertically. One species of Mandevilla from Chile, Mandevilla laxa, even smells like gardenias.

Katie, a flower alchemist and founder of LOTUSWEI, grew up with a mother who possessed the proverbial green thumb. Katie’s mother managed to get a huge tropical Mandevilla vine blooming in the high desert of northern Arizona, where the soil is rocky and dry. Aware of these conditions, she planted the Mandevilla in a big pot with a tall trellis. In a year the vine grew up the trellis and climbed two storeys up to her deck!

What Mandevilla flowers reveal about you

If you’re attracted to the Mandevilla flower, you may recently have felt a twinge of fear at the prospect of losing something. It is natural to feel an attachment to the way things are — to people, places, or things that we love. Yet the nature of life is that things are constantly changing, and thus you may have recently felt anguish or worry about losing something or someone you love. The more you cling, the less empowered you feel.

Being drawn to Mandevilla can also indicate impatience or rushing, which can lead to physical tension and discomfort.

What Mandevilla flowers catalyse

Mandevilla flowers help us feel secure in the love that we possess inside us, rather than needing something from the outside to feel complete and whole. This leads to peacefulness, contentment, and the liberation of creative energy. When we’re not holding on too tightly to something or someone, we have more energy at our disposal to appreciate the unfathomable rightness of how things actually are.

While Bird of Paradise flowers help to quiet our overactive minds, Mandevilla flower elixirs help us to be profoundly at peace with the way things are, without wanting to change them or wishing for another outcome. It opens us up to being more present with what is, dissolving attachment and fear of loss.

In essence

Mandevilla magnifies: Deep appreciation of the present moment. Peace, patience, and contentment. Freedom and creativity.

Mandevilla dissolves: Fear of loss regarding people or possessions. Anger, anguish, or sadness as a result of clinging. Fear of abandonment or rejection.

Experience the magic of Mandevilla in the Fierce Compassion blend as a flower elixir that you can infuse into your coffee, tea or water bottle — or directly in the mouth if you’re on the go – several times each day to experience more ease and effortlessness. You can also mist yourself with this earthy floral blend of aromatherapy and flower essences before your yoga or meditation practice, or during your day for a luxurious pick-me-up.










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