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LOTUSWEI presents FLOWERS: A Window Into You

By The Yoga School / November 14, 2019

Join Clare Chiang of LOTUSWEI for an interactive workshop about a little-known, but rising trend in holistic living: Flowers!

In a world where stress, fatigue and sleepless nights are commonplace, discover how flower elixirs are the most powerful remedy to amplify happiness, clarity and calm.

Learn what your favorite flowers mean about you and how you can tap into flower elixirs to magnify your most unique qualities.

Experience a multi-sensory tour of close to 100 flower essences and essential oils. Notice how they make you feel and explore the complexity of flowers’ healing powers.

Use flowers as a mirror reflection to show you aspects of your personality that you are embodying on a deeper level.

Enjoy short mindfulness meditations to sharpen your senses and expand your field of awareness.

Allow nature to reconnect you with your greatest gifts and change the way you think about flowers forever!

*Bring your water bottle ~ we’ll share flower elixirs with you.

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