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Online Yoga Classes You Can Do in 15 Minutes

By The Yoga School / August 1, 2020

From invigorating flows to a restorative Yin practice, our teachers have you covered.

There are days where you just don’t feel like getting onto the mat. Maybe you’re feeling a little sluggish and want to lie in bed for a little while. Perhaps you’re feeling a little unmotivated as you find your thoughts drifting to all the things you have to do at work. On more hectic days, it seems almost impossible to carve out an hour for yoga.

However daunting things appear to be, remember that you always have the choice to show up on the mat for yourself and for your practice. At this point, overcoming inertia might just be the hardest part of it all. Once you begin to flow through your asanas, your body begins to feel energised and your mind starts to soften as your breath takes on a steady rhythm.

So if you can’t spare an hour of your time, why not start small with just 15 minutes? After all, we know that our brains are more likely to comply with tiny habits that are more achievable. Below, we’ve rounded up a selection of classes, each lasting no longer than 15 minutes, that you can do today.

Morning feel-good flow with Ooi Jian Yuan

Who this practice is for: Start your day on a positive note with this invigorating flow.

What to expect: A vinyasa flow sequence that cultivates both strength and flexibility. Many of the poses are hip-openers that help to establish a sense of balance.

When to practise: First thing in the morning.

Equipment required: Yoga mat.

Yin Yoga with Catherine Tan

Who this practice is for: Anyone feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or simply drained at the end of the day.

What to expect: A restorative Yin practice focused on the areas relating to emotional health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When to practise: Before bedtime or anytime you need a little time-out.

Equipment required: Yoga mat (or a thick blanket or carpet). Exercise block (or a towel rolled up to resemble a Swiss Roll).

Breathe and Relax with Cham Lay Peng

Who this practice is for: Feeling anxious, stressed out, or unsettled? This session promotes better sleep and helps you to ride out challenging times with a greater sense of ease.

What to expect: A relaxing class with a focus on breathwork to calm the mind and body.

When to practise: At the end of the day or just before bedtime.

Equipment required: A flat surface where you can sit or lie down comfortably.


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