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Realise your full potential with Night-Blooming Cereus

By The Yoga School / September 1, 2020

This luscious flower dissolves self-limiting patterns, giving us the courage to pursue our full potential.

Native to the Americas, the Night-Blooming Cereus is also called Moonlight Cactus, or Queen of the Night. This particular species is known as the Argentine Giant and it blooms in the desert, usually in springtime, on the full or new moon. It blooms at night—for one night only—and by midmorning, its shimmery featherlike petals would have begun to wilt. This small window of magic is reflective of the flower’s message to us: be fearless and take the leap!

This is also the same Night-Blooming Cereus that radically changed Katie Hess’s business and life almost overnight. Katie, a flower alchemist and founder of LOTUSWEI, discovered the plant on an auspicious full moon night by chance, and it gave Katie the energy and fearlessness to catapult herself from offering one-on-one consultations to formulating a product line for the flagship spa of one of the world’s largest hotel chains. Not only did it help to scale her business, but it also saw her creating bespoke flower essence-infused perfumes for special guests, including the President of the United States.

Since then, she has witnessed how the Night-Blooming Cereus has helped many others to dig deep and dissolve fears and self-imposed limitations to help them skyrocket to the next level of their growth.

While Arctic Lupines help to dissolve stress and give us the strength to face life’s challenges, the Night-Blooming Cereus takes things one step further by giving us the courage to realise our full potential.

What Night-Blooming Cereus reveals about you

If you’re attracted to the Night-Blooming Cereus flower, it indicates that on some level, you’re yearning to make a huge leap in your personal growth. However, there may be fears or self-limiting patterns that will need to be worked through, as you make that leap. They likely reside in your subconscious, so you may be unaware of how they affect your actions or how they could create obstacles toward reaching your goals.

Being drawn to this flower indicates that you are ready to see those fears or limitations as illusory appearances and move past them to accomplish your highest expression. The flower supports you in having the courage to sift through your fears and old patterns to free the part of yourself that wants to propel you forward in a big way.

You may also notice that you sometimes fall into the extremes of feeling either inferior or superior.

What Night-Blooming Cereus catalyses

Night-blooming flowers shine light on shadows and illuminate aspects of ourselves that we haven’t seen or paid attention to. This species of the Night-Blooming Cereus digs deep into fear patterns. It unearths self-limiting habits and conscious or subconscious fears that are running in the background and affecting our behaviour.

For many, fear holds us back from being our greatest selves. It also prevents us from getting out of our comfort zone and taking a big leap toward our full potential. Working with the Night-Blooming Cereus flower essence helps to bring up our fears and makes them apparent so we can examine them and release them. It also shows us when we are going to extremes—feeling inferior or superior—and through awareness, helps us dissolve those patterns.

For many, fear holds us back from being our greatest selves.

Night-Blooming Cereus offers a boost of courage and bold determination. Not about baby steps, rather, the flower helps you take a huge leap in your growth or in the expression of your talent. It pushes you past any preconceived self-limitations, moving you into new territories and new expressions of your gifts. It reminds us that when we fearlessly go out on a limb after our dreams, we can achieve what we may have previously thought was unattainable.

In essence

Night-Blooming Cereus magnifies: Fearlessness, courage, and great leaps toward reaching your full potential. A deeper understanding of your shadow side and illusions. Realisation of your true gifts and how to expand on them.

Night-Blooming Cereus dissolves: Fear, negativity, self-limitations, old habits, illusions, as well as extremes of inferiority and superiority.

Experience the magic of Night-Blooming Cereus in the Full Bloom blend as a flower elixir that you can infuse into your coffee, tea or water bottle – or directly in the mouth if you’re on the go – several times each day to experience more ease and effortlessness. You can also mist yourself with this uplifting citrus and spicy blend of aromatherapy oils and flower essences before your yoga or meditation practice, or during your day for a luxurious pick-me-up.

Images courtesy of LOTUSWEI


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