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By The Yoga School / August 1, 2019

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, rose essential oil is widely used in skin care, but did you know that it can also lift your self-esteem and give you a confidence boost?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but did you know that roses provide more than just a lovely smell? Rose essential oil contains several active compounds that are antiseptic (methyl eugenol), antimicrobial (citral), antioxidant (eugenol), and aromatic (citronellyll acetate and phenyl acetaldehyde). Because of its therapeutic properties,  this well-loved essential oil has been used in health treatments, skincare, and natural beauty treatments for decades.


The essential oil of rose is extracted by steam distillation of fresh Damascus Rose, because they are the most fragrant species with the strongest aroma and highest oil content.

In aromatherapy, the inhaling of essential oil molecules, or the absorbing of essential oils through the skin, transmits messages to the limbic system (the brain region that’s linked to emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, hormonal balance, and the nervous system). Essential oils also have an impact on your hypothalamus, which may respond by creating feel-good chemicals like serotonin.

It’s no secret that rose essential oil is one of the top anti-aging favourites – its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties fight off free radicals that cause skin aging and skin damage (which lead to wrinkles, fine lines and dehydration).

Rose essential oil is also a great natural remedy for skin and can be used to help fight acne. In fact, a study published in 2010 uncovered that rose essential oil exhibited one of the strongest bactericidal activities compared to 10 other types of oils. Researchers found that rose essential oil had the ability to eradicate Propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria responsible for acne), after just five minutes of a 0.25 per cent dilution.

Here are some useful ways you can benefit from this multi-tasking oil:


Just like how blooming roses bring a garden to life, essential oils from flowers provide support for us to grow and bloom, allowing inner beauty and confidence to shine through. When our self-esteem is low, we allow negative self-talk to take over our thoughts, resulting in feelings of depression and inadequacy, but rose essential oil has properties that can help lift you out of a rut by providing the emotional support needed for self-love. Soothing and nurturing, this healing oil helps to reduce feelings of fear and anxiety by calming an overworked nervous system. It also lowers the feelings of tension that prevent us from living life with gusto!

How to use: One of the best essential oils to use in your self-love practice, rose is known to promote feelings of happiness and boost your mood. Massage two to three drops topically over your heart, or add a few drops into your warm bath and feel those negative emotions and thought patterns gently wash away.


Feeling stressed out? Rose essential oil may be just what you need to find that inner calm. In a 2009 study published in Natural Product Communications, 40 healthy volunteers absorbed either rose essential oil or a placebo through their skin. Researchers found that those who received rose essential oil experienced greater feelings of calm and relaxation, accompanied by a greater decrease in breathing rate and blood pressure, as compared to those who received the placebo.

How to use: Apply one to two drops topically to your wrists and the back of your neck.


Studies suggest that rose water or rose essential oil has antidepressant properties that may help alleviate anxiety. In 2016, a study published in Nephro-Urology Monthly examined the use of aromatherapy with rose water for anxiety in hemodialysis patients, and found that rose water noticeably reduced anxiety levels.

How to use: Create a relaxing blend using five drops rose oil with five drops of lavender oil and diffuse it at bedtime. Sleep, and let the therapeutic benefits work as you rest.