Amadea is Latin for God’s beloved, and she believes that we should do all things in the name of love.

Her love for fluidity and movement as a Dancer led her to yoga five summers ago. Since then, she has only fallen deeper in love with her practice. The mat has been her playground, sacred space and hiding place all at once. Her yoga practice has been the constant that has rooted her and brought her comfort through multiple transitions, difficult moments and injuries. Through her practice, she’s also found a love filled community that inspires and lifts her up every single day.

In 2016, she followed her heart to Bali to pursue a YTT with Tara Judelle in Bali. That was the most beautiful, transformative and revealing month she’s experienced. It was then that she finally began to love herself the way she loved others. Her asana practice also evolved after experiencing embodied flow – a curious, intelligent and meditative practice that engages one’s entire being – body, mind, soul and heart.

Today, she hopes to be able to share and facilitate a moving meditation that is intuitive to your being, one that cultivates self love and brings you home to bliss.