As a long time street dancer and gym aficionado, Catherine had heard much about Yoga but didn’t delve into it until she became bored with her set regime and was suffering from dire lack of flexibility. Little did she know that her first Yoga class would lead to a life changing shift in her life.

Yoga has enabled her to see and feel huge differences in herself physically, emotionally and mentally. She embarked on the journey of teaching through her first training in Hot and Hatha Yoga with Copper Crow. In a bid to serve her students better, she has since gone on to study Yin Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga with several respected teachers including Jason Crandell, Jo Phee, Michelle Papa, Victor Chng and more.

Her belief in lifelong learning and keen interest in the study of anatomy and fascia, traditional Chinese medicine, qigong healing and yoga philosophy have motivated her to pursue such knowledge rigorously through self-study and workshops with many teachers including Carlos Pomeda, Charat Singh, Martin Kirk, Michael Watson, Tiffany Cruikshank, Thomas Myers and so on.

Catherine believes the asana practice is a small but beautiful part of the overall universe of Yoga. Convinced of the benefits that Yoga has brought to her life, she would love to share this joy with more people and hopefully create a positive change for her students, no matter how small.