Elisa is happiest when she gets to share the positivity that yoga brings into the lives of others. She started Yoga to complement her training as a varsity rock-climber and was fascinated by newfound grace and breath awareness with her commitment on the mat. Beyond the physical practice, it is what keeps her calm, grounded and most in tune with herself.

Certified by YogaWorks (New York City) under the tutelage of teachers Jodie Rufty and Dani Zucherri, Elisa is a Vinyasa Flow teacher by training. She identifies most with the breath and movement principles of yoga and is most inclined towards mindful flow transitions.

As a teacher, every class she takes is an opportunity to learn. She believes in approaching the asanas from both an intuitive and anatomical perspective. Her focus on clear instruction and relatable cues ensures that each individual practices yoga in the safest way possible. Yoga is for every body and all who are patient and dedicated will experience its transformative ways.

When not on her mat, she is mama to an active toddler and will most likely be found cooking, reading, wandering along a forest trail or simply lounging on a grass patch. Her personal practice is one of love, gratitude and compassion. Always the carefree optimist, she believes that true happiness comes to those who allow their most authentic selves to shine.