Jeremy embarked on his journey with yoga in 2014 as an activity to help calm the over-active mind and break away from a physically inactive lifestyle. It has since evolved into a journey of constant self-discovery, one that opens up the mind and challenges the body. Most importantly, he has experienced major transformation in his wellbeing and now finds himself more joyful and at peace with questions of existentiality and contentment. The breathing practices in yoga have also alleviated his allergic rhinitis symptoms.

The clinician-scientist in him is drawn to teachings of yoga that are grounded strongly in anatomy and kinesiology and his teaching is guided by a keen observation of the different levels of practice and body structures. He also believes yoga is not only a physical practice but also one that connects closely to the mind. Thus, besides customising his classes to better cater to the needs of the practitioners’ varied levels of practice, he also guides them to develop a more mindful and safe practice through an alignment-based approach.

Having seen and personally experienced the positive changes that yoga brings about, Jeremy hopes that more people could benefit from this beautiful practice. He is extremely humbled to share his knowledge and provide guidance to help practitioners progress along their yoga journeys.

Jeremy received his RYT® 200 Yoga Alliance certification in Hatha Yoga in 2015. He has practiced and trained with some of the most inspiring teachers, including Noah Mazé, Jason Crandell and Dylan Werner. He continues to study the wonders of yoga and attends regular teacher immersions.

Personal interests include being in nature, travelling, and enjoying a cup of mylk coffee and a good acai bowl.