Jian Yuan started practising yoga as a physical activity, and soon found that while the physical practice of yoga poses certainly made him stronger and more flexible, the physical practice could be the basis for self-actualisation and personal development.  He found that his asana practice was the beginning of an ever-evolving journey in which the lessons he learnt on the mat were applicable to his life off the mat.  Yoga made him healthier and happier.  It also provided a philosophy and framework around which he structured his life, and which governs his various relationships.

A strong advocate of ethical living and mindfulness, Jian Yuan considers himself a student of yoga first and foremost.  He views his studies as an ongoing journey of exploration and lifelong endeavour, and counts himself blessed to have received support, knowledge and wisdom from his teachers, including Copper Crow and Jo Phee.  He is deeply grateful to his teachers for cultivating in him the seed of lifelong learning, as well as for their encouragement and moral support in his journey of learning and teaching.