Yoga has been in Pearl’s life for more than 15 years now. What started out as a fun way to stretch her stress away, turned out to be a journey for the Self into awareness, care, and healing. As far as Pearl is concerned, Yoga is too good not to share, and that’s what motivated her to embark on teaching and sharing.

Pearl is trained in the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and graduated from Tirisula Yoga, under the watchful eyes of Master Paalu and Master Satya Wei Ling, here in Singapore.

Although trained in Ashtanga, Pearl’s Self-Practice is heavily inspired by Dharma Mittra Yoga. While living in London for some years, she practised regularly with Senior Dharma Teacher Mark Kan, and Emi Takahashi Tull. Dharma Yoga is a form of Hatha Raja Yoga that focuses on being receptive, developing intuition, and realising the Inner Guru. Dharma Yoga draws heavily on the Bigger Picture by digging deep into the layers of our being to reach the Supreme Self, or the True Essence of our Being.

With roots in Ashtanga Yoga and influences from Dharma Yoga, Pearl’s practice is fluid and dynamic, pensive and mindful, liberating yet grounding.