Like many people, Ryan used to think that Yoga was slow, boring and only meant for people who are incredibly flexible. Now, the self-professed “inflexible yogi” is a yoga teacher who finds great joy on the mat, both as a teacher and a student.

Living in a fast paced society like Singapore’s, Ryan is grateful for the teachings that yoga has gifted him – from the physical benefits of the practice; rediscovering himself; dealing with stress and anxiety; to the art of living. His wish is for yoga practitioners to have a safe space where they can be with themselves as they breathe, move and restore.

Ryan has trained directly and extensively with some of the most inspiring international teachers, including Jason Crandell, Jillian Pransky, and Jivana Heyman, and continues to receive advanced training under their tutelage. His teaching is ever-evolving as he strives to provide a safe, mindful and accessible practice.