Su Unn started practicing yoga regularly in 2007, but her practice only really took off a year later, when she met senior Iyengar teacher Peter Thomson in 2008.  As she became immersed in her yoga practice, her asana work on the mat moved beyond the physical realm and evolved into something that nourished and nurtured her entire being.  Su Unn’s yoga practice has helped her develop her capacity to observe and investigate, while equipping her with necessary skills to meet each situation as it arises.

She continues to study and develop under the tutelage of Peter Thomson, and received her Introductory Level II Iyengar certification in 2011.

Prior to teaching yoga, Su Unn worked with various media broadcasters, including Discovery Networks Asia, Disney Channel Southeast Asia and BBC Worldwide.

Personal Interests

I’ve always thought about what I am interested in other than my yoga practice… I like to cook, I like my dog and my cats, I like to write, but I think I’m really interested in myself, not in a conceited way, but I am interested to find out what makes me tick and what those triggers could be.