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Weighed Down by Responsibilities? Here’s How African Daisies Can Help

By The Yoga School / June 1, 2020

According to LOTUSWEI founder Katie Hess, the essence of this flower alleviates daily stressors and creates space for joy and play.

We’ve previously explored how Pink Primrose flower essences help to propel us through phases of stagnancy. Today, we take a look a look at another flower – the African Daisy, a cultivar known for its eye-catching blooms and endurance in the face of tough conditions such as frost or droughts. 

If you find yourself prone to seriousness or over-thinking when you’re confronted with stressful situations, the African Daisy may help you to revive a natural state of childlike playfulness and joy. It helps to achieve this emotional state on a few levels. Firstly, it dissolves our tendency to feel weighed down by daily responsibilities, a mood which prevents us from living in the moment and holding space for fun. Furthermore, it reminds us of our inner-child, helping us to connect with a light-hearted, vibrant part of ourselves – all of which are factors that work towards taking the edge off any stressful encounters in our lives.

What African Daisies reveal about you

If you find yourself somehow drawn towards this flower, you may have recently felt burdened by a load of responsibilities – be it trying to fulfil financial responsibilities or raising your children while running a business at the same time. At the end of the day, you’re exhausted and barely have time to sit back, relax, and have a bit of fun.

In the same way the African Daisy guards its seeds when conditions for growth are not present, you may also find some aspects of yourself lying dormant as you unknowingly wait for the right conditions to manifest certain emotions. In this instance, you may feel like there’s too much at stake to be playful. Previous episodes of grief, for example, might trigger you to react to stressors in this manner. At the same time, a sense of pride may prevent you from experiencing the joy of playfulness, for fear of being frivolous or looking silly.

What African Daisies catalyse

The African Daisy flower elixir dissolves excessive seriousness when we find ourselves too busy or stressed for humour and play. It promotes joy and helps us understand that play is not frivolous but full of curiosity and wonder, which enlivens us and gives a fresh quality to everything we do.

It also helps us understand that joy is an important marker for clarifying our life’s purpose. When we move closer to a path that brings us joy, we often begin to discover our special abilities, talents, or true potential.

At the same time, when we’re able to laugh at ourselves, we naturally feel the burden of stressful situations lift. The African Daisy reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect or superhuman in our abilities. Rather, we are allowed to act with humility and humour instead of being serious and aloof. When we are able to make space for laughter and joy in our daily lives, we find ourselves able to connect more deeply with people around us.

In essence

African Daisies magnify:

Joy; playfulness and silliness; and recognition of your talents and purpose in life.

African Daisies dissolve:

Excessive seriousness, pride, and confusion over your life’s purpose.

Experience the magic of African Daisies in the LOTUSWEI Joy Juice blend as a flower elixir that you can infuse into your coffee, tea or water bottle – or directly in the mouth if you’re on the go – several times each day to experience more ease and effortlessness. You can also mist yourself with this joyous blend of flower essences before your yoga or meditation practice, or during the day for a luxurious pick-me-up.

Images courtesy of LOTUSWEI


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