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Welcoming Success & Happiness with Rie Komiya

By The Yoga School / January 30, 2019

A Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing Workshop

Everyone seeks success and happiness. Being in alignment allows one to welcome prosperity as you are being connected with your essence.

Through this 2-hour workshop, Kriya (yoga set) and meditation will be practised to heal and release any blockage to welcome positive energy. We will begin with an introduction and followed by a 10-minute physical warm up and pranayama session to end the week while grounding yourself. Afterwhich, we will then move to a 60-minute Kriya and meditation. A sound bath by the crystal singing bowls will be unified at the end to allow the vibrations of the bowls touch your body, mind and soul, slowing you to experience healing in every cells.
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Date: 1st March 2019, Friday, 7.15pm
Investment: $58 for one mat
All levels are welcome!

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To ensure you get the attention you need, this class is limited to 30 mats per session. Mummies-to-be are not encouraged to join this session.
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