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Yin Yang Yoga with Jeremy Lim

By The Yoga School / December 4, 2017

Join us for this special session to end A Season of Giving this December 2017 here at The Yoga School, when all proceeds from our classes will go to The Homeless Hearts of Singapore.

Yin Yang Yoga with Jeremy Lim
Friday, 15 December
7pm to 9pm

($40.94 with EventBrite fees)

Experience fire and ice with our teacher Jeremy during this two-hour session to help you build heat through static holds, with increased awareness of your mind, body and breath. Focus on the importance of alignment as you move through each pose, by learning to engage the key muscle groups.

Cooler Yin postures will help you relax and stretch your soft connective tissue. Gradually, your muscles will release tightness, allowing for greater openness, while improving your circulation.

About Jeremy:

Having seen and personally experienced the positive changes that yoga brings about, Jeremy hopes that more people could benefit from this beautiful practice. He is extremely humbled to share his knowledge and provide guidance to help practitioners progress along their yoga journeys.

Jeremy received his RYT® 200 Yoga Alliance certification in Hatha Yoga in 2015. He has practiced and trained with some of the most inspiring teachers, including Noah Mazé, Jason Crandell and Dylan Werner. He continues to study the wonders of yoga and attends regular teacher immersions.

Personal interests include being in nature, travelling, and enjoying a cup of mylk coffee and a good acai bowl.

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