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Yoga | Meditation | Sound

By The Yoga School / June 8, 2017

Two Days Immersion

Yoga | Meditation | Sound

Day 1 Practice ~ Day 2 Learn


Akiko Igarashi | Amanda Ling | Desiree Duclos


Saturday, July 8th

9.30am – 12.30pm

Sonic Flow™ + Yoga Nidra

and Singing Bowl Meditation 

Amanda opens with a well-balanced Yin Yang Yoga flow, focusing on mindfulness, paired with a curated sound play list to invigorate the senses.  Allow yourself to be invigorated through a series of Vinyasa flow to build strength before moving into passive deep long-held stretches in the yin practice to cultivate the sense of surrender.

While you rest in Savasana, Desiree will lead you to experience the deepest state of relaxation with Yoga Nidra, or ‘Yogic Sleep’. Relax, breathe and let go of all tension. Allow her gentle voice to guide you to explore your wisdom within, deepening your bliss. Your unconscious will simply absorb the practice, cultivating peace, and awareness on various levels, to achieve ‘meditative consciousness’.

In this state of pure consciousness, allow the powerful resonating vibrations from Himalayan Singing Bowls will take you even deeper as you transcend all 5 Koshas or multiple layers of your being.

We then end with the stillness of Silence to allow full integration of practice to settle in.


2.00 – 6.00pm

Introduction Course:

Getting in touch with Universal Sound from Ancient Bowls

This is Shima’s signature Introductory Workshop, where you will explore the history of ancient healing art, the effects of sound healing, and gain a first hand experience of the benefits. Learn to listen and play the bowls, feel their beautiful vibration, and understand the therapeutic use of sound.

Who is this for?

  • You would like to learn how to use ancient healing tools such as Bowls and Tingsha correctly to maximise its usage
  • You would like to enhance your ability to discern the harmonics created by Ancient Bowls. This helps you to select the perfect bowls for yourself
  • You would like to learn how best to maintain such healing tools if you own one

What is included in this course:

  • How to use the rimming stick and gong stick effectively
  • How to listen to the bowls
  • History and understanding of energy and sound healing
  • How to treat bowl (maintenance)
  • How to select best bowl for yourself
  • Space clearing with Tingsha

*This is pre-requisite for those who would like to take the workshop for Yoga and meditation facilitator course on Day 2.


July 9th, Sunday

9.30am – 12.30pm

Yoga Therapy in The State of Nada

Gain insight into the intricate relationship of Yoga and Sound, as Akiko introduces a refreshing approach to Nada Yoga (‘sound’ or ‘flow’ of Yoga). With over 15 years of experience in Yogic practices, on and off the Yoga mat, she will share the deep meaning of yogic practices on various levels. Akiko touches on Asana, Pranayama and Nada and how they can be interestingly woven into the practice.

Our morning practice will end with a Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation and mini-healing sampler by Desiree. Enjoy the profound effects of ancient Seven Chakra Singing Bowls in a full 45 minute session set to leave you feeling clearer and lighter.


2.00pm – 6.00pm

Specialised Course: Yoga Teachers and Meditation Facilitator

If you wish to gain unique skills, and differentiate yourself from the vast number of Yoga and meditation instructors out there, this is for you.

Aside from helping your students, the workshop introduces simple yet powerful practices which you could bring into your own life. You will learn not only learn how to bring the power of sound to facilitate meditation, but learn how to incorporate sound into your daily practice, internally and externally, use singing bowls as personal tool.

Akiko’s class not only focuses on the bells and bowls, but also gives you a very solid background in Yogic practices, like Nada Yoga, which is the flow of sound Yoga in ancient traditions.


  • Deep relaxation during the Shavasana
  • Help to release tension of body and mind
  • Balance energy fields


  • A quicker way to get into meditative state
  • Guide us to better re-connect and gain insights
  • How to set intention onto ancient vibration


Students must first attend ‘Introduction to Singing Bowl’ Workshop on Day 1.

Please bring your Singing Bowl and Tingsha (Tibetan Bell) if you already own one. If not, spare one will be provided.



Saturday morning, Yoga, Breath, Yoga Nidra with ancient Singing Bowls, SGD 180

Saturday afternoon, Introduction to Ancient Singing Bowls (how to use, maintain and select), SGD 350

Sunday morning, Yoga Therapy, Nada Yoga and Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls, SGD 180

Sunday afternoon, How to use Singing Bowls during Yoga practices, teaching and meditation, SGD 350

Two morning sessions, Yoga with ancient Singing Bowls, SGD 300

Two afternoon sessions, Ancient Singing Bowls, SGD 600

All four sessions, SGD 900

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Akiko Igarashi:

Akiko is the founder and core member of faculty at Shima Healing, a school for holistic courses in a retreat setting, on the enchanted island of southern Thailand, Koh Yao Noi.

Akiko is a student of life and has traveled globally to obtain skills for meditation, healing and therapeutic effect of Yoga over 15 years. She is a practitioner of ancient healing Singing Bowls since 2010, and continues to grow together with her students every day.

Her vision for Shima Healing is to guide students to gain the sight that enables them to view the inner and outer world with Sat (truth). Akiko’s classes are focused on Eastern philosophy, and strongly rooted in the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of subjects like Yoga, Energy, and Sound healing. Shima Healing aims to help people realise their own path, through various modalities, to heal, restore, rebalance, and reconnect within.

Akiko’s twin passion is to give back to society and local communities, by imparting healing tools so that the disadvantaged may use the ‘true essence’ of Eastern healing, to empower and help themselves. 



Amanda Ling:

Amanda is a Hatha Yoga teacher, Singing Bowl practitioner and musician/DJ. She has been practicing Yoga since 2007, and over time, realized the greater transformation it brought her, from within.  She advocates the practice of Yoga to empower others to live to their fullest.

Amanda creates a safe, nurturing and sustainable practice environment through the grounded approach to facilitating a mind-body connection Yogic practices in her classes.

Amanda seeks to share the healing and therapeutic wonders of a Yoga practice together with ancient art of sound therapy through Tibetan Singing Bowls. This powerful combination serves to promote and integrate the body’s natural healing abilities in restoring itself to harmony.



Desiree Duclos:

The founder of Float Your Boat Therapy, Desiree is carrying out her life’s work though holistic therapy. Employing a suite of therapeutic tools, she gently guides her clients to connect with their own inner resources, to release personal blockages, and better live out their life purpose.

Since the first time she heard Tibetan Singing Bowls being played 7 years ago, Desiree has been passionate about their healing power. She especially enjoys using sound for manifestation and multi-level healing. In her private sound therapy sessions, she blends in the use of crystals, essential oils and energy healing for a deeply healing and relaxing experience.

Desiree remains grounded, and believes in a balanced life, where the spiritual and material worlds are integrate.



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